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A comprehensive range of hospital grade health, hygiene and antiseptic preparations

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Soothing antiseptic creams for cuts and abrasions to help prevent infection
Convenient antibacterial waterless hand sanitisers that require no washing and no rinsing
Liquid antiseptic sprays to cleanse wounds quickly and efficiently
Pre-surgical hospital grade disinfection and washes for skin antisepsis
General purpose bactericide hospital grade disinfectants
Emollient protective ointments for damaged skin tissue
Emollient creams for damaged, sensitive skin caused by eczema, dermatitis and dry skin conditions
Ointments to soothe dry and chafed skin
Emollient antiseptics for obstetric use
Antibacterial hand rubs to combat 99% of germs
Maintenance of oral hygiene and for the treatment of minor oral infections such as mouth ulcers